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Keep On Truckin’: Kaftamania

Kaftamania also makes super fresh veggie stuffed grape leaves and a sick baba ghanoush that comes with homemade oregano pita chips. Want a Panini instead? Try the grilled Halloumi cheese panini with imported halloumi cheese from Cyprus, tomato, and oregano. Keep your eyes peeled for specials like a chicken and rice plate or lentil soup with lemon.  And remember, when you’re good to mama, mama’s good to you!

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The Halloumi Cheese Panini Case

KM’s baba ghanoush, a mix of mashed eggplant, tahini, garlic, and lemon, was served with pita chips. The chips and dip were very good. The baba ghanoush was marked by a strong smoky taste, which was probably the result of the eggplant being expertly roasted over an open flame. The pita chips were fresh, crunchy, herby, and salty. The pita chips ran out before my portion of baba ghanoush did, but I was more than happy to eat the baba ghanoush on its own . . . and then maybe clean off my Styrofoam container so as to not miss a single drop....

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The Classic Kafta Case

The filling was even more pleasing. The ground beef patty was succulent when it very easily could have been dried out like an overcooked hamburger. And it was packed with flavor. Whatever was mixed in with the beef (certainly onion and parsley, and maybe allspice and garlic) gave it a very full flavor. The add-ons of a fresh tomato slice, diced red onions, and KM’s special sauce completed the sandwich nicely. The overall effect was a well-rounded, earthy flavor that I’ve never quite tasted before. It was delicious.

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Fairfax Times

Kaftamania Spreads Across Fairfax
Mobile Food Truck Brings Authentic Lebanese Cuisine to a Corner Near You

As most foodies know, the food truck phenomenon is, well, phenomenal — at least in downtown Washington, D.C. Fortunately, the wave of trucks finally has flowed into public spaces in Fairfax County. But what makes these mobile eateries so appealing is their culinary diversity, heralding some unexpected taste sensations.

Of these, KaftaMania may take the current prize for gastronomic surprises and treats. Lebanese cook Leila Jurdi and her son, Pascal Halabi, have concocted a set of authentic Lebanese treats, from a kafta sandwich made with freshly ground beef to such daily specials as the Lebanese lentil soup, spiced with a kick of lemon juice that tantalizes. “We make the kafta the Lebanese way,” Halabi said. “But instead of shaping little balls, we flatten ours into a patty.”

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Kafta Mania's Turkey XTC

Owner/operator Pascal Halabi and his mother make excellent food. They're generous with the samples, and everything I've eaten there has been tasty. If you're looking for something moderately priced, and good, you can't go wrong by hitting up Kafta Mania. The Turkey XTC begins with the standard baguette, on which are piled slices of grilled, hand-carved turkey breast, slices of ripe beefsteak tomato, slices of bacon and provolone cheese. This is then slathered with mayonnaise and hots. I'd never heard the term 'hots' before, and Pascal gave me the rundown. Hots are basically chopped peppers. I like spicy. Spicy works for me. When Pascal asked me if I wanted it spicy, I gave him a look (yes, that look), and issued a challenge. "Light me up," I said. He raised an eyebrow and set about making my Turkey XTC spicy, instead of mild. 

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Kafta Mania's Classic Kafta

Thursday morning was the coldest yet thus far for Tysons Corner, I believe. A sheet of frost covered my car, and my breath smoked as I walked from my car to my office. Many people I know (mostly women, but a few men), detest the cold. Coming from the South, one may think that I too would hate the cold, and love the summer. Nothing could be further from the truth. I prefer cold to heat, and dry air to humid. Most people think me crazy. So I was rather happy that morning, truth be told. I was even happier to hear that a new truck would be paying a return visit to Solutions Drive. I missed Kafta Mania (Twitter and website) when they visited Monday morning, but now I had a chance to try them out!

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